Flack AP

proper noun \ˈflak-'ā-pē \ :
Andy Flack, a front-end web developer with a passion for life-long education and all things caffeinated

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Who is FlackAP?

My name is Andy Flack, and I'm a front end engineer. In a previous life, I was your (mostly) friendly neighborhood barista. Eventually finding myself unsatisfied with the daily grind of grinding coffee, I began to explore the world of web development. In 2013, I put everything in my life on hold for three months in order to pursue an education in front end development at The Iron Yard Academy and never looked back.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to work alongside other great developers, building everything from websites for non-profits and colleges to mobile apps that track family healthcare records. If I'm not typing away feverishly with a furrowed brow, I'm probably finding a good spot to set up the hammock with Rockefeller, my canine companion.



As a front-end developer at ChartSpan, I saw firsthand how hectic the startup life is- and I fell in love with it. ChartSpan is where I got to whet my appetite for Objective-C and object-oriented programming.

The Iron Yard

Using Jade, Sass, and the gulp build tool, I was responsible for rebuilding and maintaining The Iron Yard's redesigned website as well as Ghost Shield, the official Iron yard styleguide.

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